Hi Friends,

As I was drifting off to sleep last night thinking about all the undone errands I needed to attend to today, I knew it was going to be one of those days when I spent more minutes looking at traffic signals than anything else. I don’t care for these kinds of days! But today I made errand running more fun by taking my current knitting project along for the ride. I have this great little hooded sweater on the needles that is about twenty-five rows from being completed. It’s for a dear friend’s “new baby” who was born 6 months ago…hmmmm. I wondered if I could actually finish knitting a project if I took it along for the day. My experiment seems to have worked–and I didn’t lose my mind which is a good thing.  A few loose ends to weave in, sew on buttons, wash it, block it, and it will be as good as shipped! 

Before I go, i have to share this amazing sight I saw today on my way home from the store. Spring has officially sprung when you see this many crocus–or is that croci? Either way ENJOY!