Houston–we have a problem! This yarn striped beautifully when I was making the first sock. The second sock took on a je ne sais quoi  of its own. This is fine if you don’t need them to travel together…

Houston we have a Problem with our socks!

The solution:

In order to have the stripes where I wanted them to show, I continued to knit with the non-striping ball (see above photo–it’s the one on the left) until the heel flap. I clipped the toe of the finished sock, (shown below) attached the yarn and continued knitting with the striping yarn.

Here is the finished sock with the non striping yarn at the top and the striping yarn beginning at the heel and continuing throughout the foot and toe. (This is an unblocked sock so not too pretty yet!)

Hopefully there will be no more surprises on this project because I have a long list of new projects I want to start!


Here is a follow up on the red hooded sweater that I finished while knitting at stop lights one day. This is little Wilson wearing the sweater at the park! I was happy to hear from his Mom that it fits perfectly. It’s rewarding to see my knitted gifts in action 🙂