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Zowie! It’s been a long time since I’ve been here. Around these parts it’s a slippery slope from buying pencils and rulers in August to the end of the year.

October was so fun with E’s and C’s birthdays and then planning for the masses of sugar-seekers Oct. 31. We had 1,400 trick-or-treaters at our door this year. Here are some shots from Oct. fun:)

Photo  I can’t believe our baby has made 9 rotations around the sun…

Photo this is a mummy dog…nitrites have never looked cuter.

Photo the morning aftermath.

And two weeks later–Claire is 11. Where does time go? At least my bittersweet feelings about my kids’ birthdays are iced in butter cream:)

can’t take credit for this cake–Pinterest 🙂

 Claire re-lit her candles several times…she’s goofy that way ❤

nothing like birthday party crafting in the morning while waiting for pancakes!

October also brought what I hope will become a new tradition…

Knit a Tit October 2012–an experience to remember

When Mom and Dad came for a visit in October, Mom and I drove to Rogersville, MO to a wonderful yarn store, One City Market It’s this great little secret in the middle of nowhere!

In honor of Breast Cancer awareness, One City Market hosts a fun event every year called Knit a Tit. The pink carpet is rolled out and people come from miles away to, well, Knit Tits! These are prosthetic breasts given to women who have undergone mastectomies. The pattern, Tit Bits, by Beryl Tsang is easy to follow and a great stash buster for a great cause. The local Cancer Center is always looking for a supply of these.

 They are stuffed, tagged with the proper cup size and labeled.

Here they are ready for someone to love:) GREAT FUN for a GREAT CAUSE

Now thoughts of turkey are running around in my head. Our family gets to cook this year so I’m sifting through articles online and pinning ideas in Pinterest. In all reality, I will probably just pull my trusty recipe book off the shelf and use recipes from Thanksgivings past–they are tried and true!

Speaking of tried and true!


Leftovers Baby Socks

I am loving these little baby socks. It is hard to find a good sock pattern that works so I am delighted that this one is a keeper. They look cute rolled down or pulled up.

They are knit on size 1 toothpicks–err um–needles in the round.

Another fave—Converse Baby Booties! Everyone should have a pair of these in their closet.

These happen to fit a 3 month old…

I paired the booties with a Magic Coffee Hat for a friend’s baby boy. They are huge Mizzou fans! I wish I had sewn a label on that hat that said, “Handknit for a Tiger by a Jayhawk.”

And finally…here is the Gaptastic cowl that was commissioned for a neighbor’s daughter:)

 Big Al is modeling the final result.

 Very wearable don’t you agree?

Almost time for UNWIND Wednesday!

My new knitting and crocheting group meets on Wednesdays! We love the Springfield Brewing Company!

Photo: Knitting at the Springfield Brewing Co. with my Unwind sistas!We think yarn and beer are a pretty good pairing 🙂