About Me

My name is Hilary Lindsey and I live in southeast Missouri with 1 husband, 4 children, 2 sweet old cats (Jenny and Walter) and the oldest cockatiel on the planet, Jake. We lead busy lives considering our weekends are generally full of kids’ activities and friends, but I always try to find time for myself. And knitting is one of the ways I find my sanity in the midst of it all.

I first learned to knit (really learned!) when I was pregnant with our twins. The Dr. told me, as a precaution, I had to be on bed rest for the remainder of my pregnancy–14 more weeks. At first I was excited about being able to stay at home, load up the TV with all the cable channels, hire the neighbor boy to take out the trash every week, and just concentrate on being an incubator. What I realized after about 72 hours was that it was harder than it sounded. In an attempt to salvage my sanity and give myself a purpose other than “beached whale” I sent hubs to the craft store for a book called “Teach Yourself How to Knit” and some yarn.  At some point between the first baby blanket that looked like the state of Oklahoma and the first baby sweater that actually fit a baby and not a small adult, I became addicted. 13 years later I’m still knitting.

It’s funny when I’m out and about with my knitting and people comment,  “I wish I knew how to knit,” or “I have always wanted to learn to knit,” I feel compelled to schedule a lesson to teach them! Although I am still on my own journey in learning the craft, I love to share this with anyone who has the patience and desire to learn. My motive for starting this blog is partially to document my own progress in knitting and pattern writing, but also to share what I know about it with others. If I can save another friends’ sanity through knitting, I have successfully earned my brownie points for the year!  I do love a good knit-n-bitch session;)

I draw inspiration from many different resources and will share links when they are available.

Happy Knitting!


5 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Florence moore said:

    So wonderful to see this. You are a great teacher. I too miss the knit and bitch nights in front of Barnes and Nobles. What i would give for one of those nights. Miss you. So when can i get the pattern for the hoody.

  2. Diana Broze said:

    Hilary! I am so happy to see you doing this, and I have a question about sourcing yarn. I used to live in The Big City, where I had half a dozen stores I could buy yarn in. Now I’m out in the Yarn Wilderness – seriously, there’s JoAnn’s, period.

    Are there any on-line yarn retailers you particularly like? I’ve just been obsessing over at Webb’s, which looks pretty good.

    The upside is that after knitting for 50 years, I’m finally having to figure out what different yarn weight designations mean ( ~=.


    • Hi Diana!
      I understand the need for good yarn…it’s so hard to come by. What I do is shop online for the brands I know I like to knit with. I don’t have a long list but I love anything Koigu, Debbie Bliss, Rowan, Lorna’s Lace’s and honestly–Cascade yarns are very practical and wear/wash well for hats & sweaters. I LOVE Debbie Bliss the mostest:) So to answer your queston about retailers, I love ordering from Yarn Barn in Lawrence, KS I feel like I am supporting a long time LYS and they have EVERYTHING a knitter could want. I have bought needles from knit picks but not much yarn. Knitty.com is a great place to see new fiber artists and their patterns, new books and reviews on materials and LYS that ship supplies. Of course Purlsoho.com is a great resource as well. If you’re ever in NY they are located at 459 Broome Street NY, NY. I will have to check out Webb’s! Thanks for stopping by my blog experiement:) I hope to have some before and after remo pics of our upstairs up soon…this house is a project!


  3. Diana Broze said:

    Am checking out your website suggestions. Here’s a link to inspire you, if you don’t already know about Leigh Radford. http://www.leighradford.com/shop.html

    I think she’s in Portland.

    Knit On!

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